Thousands People Gather for Pool Party in Maya Beach Wuhan, China, Where COVID-19 First Appeared

Covid 19 First appeared in Wuhan, China. Now the whole world is suffering for it. Still now United State, England, India, Brazil are struggling with Covid 19 cases. But Wuhan, China came back to their normal life by following a 76 days lock down period.


 Previous weekend there are a lots of people in a park named Maya Beach Water Park. People crowd their and enjoying their times in the water. The pool were fulled with people and everyone stands shoulder to shoulder. They gathered their for an  electronic music festival. It is noticed that no one used mask at their face and no one follow social distancing. Now In this water park here 15000 daily visitors come here.


 On Jan. 23 Wuhan this city was cut off from the others and all the transportation like train, bus, flights were canceled during the lock down time. Corona virus was first found in Wuhan. Its found in last December. Total 84,000 confirmed cases found here and its may the 60 percent of whole china.

Where the whole world suffering this time but the Wuhan, China may recover them selves. We want the whole world will come back with general life. In this sufferings time every one should wear mask and keep social distance.





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