The country that has hit the most sixes in the history of ODI cricket

The game means cricket, and cricket means the record. Players are constantly making new records in this match.

But not only players, the country and the country records all new countries. If the players recorded the record, he was submitted to his country. Players recorded for the country.

Though the three format of cricket is the most popular Twenty20, the most important game is to be held in ODIs. Although, the test is more important. But boring and bot.

Six batsmen for the country Today I will see a country in one-day cricket? What country is six in ODI?

0⃣ Country        Match    Six
1⃣ England          105    610
2⃣ West Indies     91      550
3⃣ India                107    509
4⃣ New Zealand   90     418
5⃣ Australia          93    406

6⃣ Pakistan           90    363
7⃣ South Africa    89     351
8⃣ Sri Lanka         100   333
9⃣ Afghanistan     75    326
1⃣0⃣ Zimbabwe    86    289
1⃣1⃣Bangladesh   76    276

England are above this list in England. Many thanks to stay with us.

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