4-year-old Fighting Cancer Finally Reunites with Dad After Seven Weeks Due to Lockdown

Only 4 years old little girl Mila Sneddon was diagnosed with leukemia. Its very hard situation for her father to handle this. It is known to all that COVID-19 is very dangerous for those people who's
immune system is very weak.


 Her father Scott prove him as a great father. His father knew the situation very well. He needs to go for work everyday in this pandemic situation. At this time he never wanted to risk his daughter health beacuse he went outside from home every day. He made a solution to protect his daughter from risk. He decided to stay temporarilyoutside from house.

After that this 50 years old man can only see his loving daughter through the windows and it is kithchen window. Unfortunately there is no option to meet and see each other. Scott and his 4 years old little daughter Mila could do waves and air-hugs.


 After that Scott decided to isolated himself for couple of week before returning his home. He wanted to give a big surprise to his daughter that she had no idea.After that when her dad visited again she thought he was still going for works. But her father steeped inside the house. She was very excited to get his father and finally hug her dad after seven weeks.




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