Celebrating cricketers in the game of cricket

Today we will see the top 10 celebrities in cricket.  Let's enjoy

Happiness is hidden in the word
celebration.  That joy can be to score goals or to take wickets.  Players celebrate every game.  And the audience enjoyed it.  The spectators get pleasure when the players celebrate and the emphasis in the game also increases.

Cricket is seen live to celebrate batsmen and bowlers.  Currently, it is considered as a part of the celebration game.  Many times watching the celebration of the players seems ridiculous and strange.  Whatever the celebration, it is a joy.

In cricket, almost everyone celebrates, albeit in small numbers.  There are many cricketers who love celebration.  Here are some of my favorite cricketers.  Those who think of cricket as well as celebration as part of the game.

 1) David Warner Australia
 2) Colors Buttweight West Indies
 3) Seldon Cottrell West Indies
 4) Cristopol Lemont South Africa
 5) Dwayne Bravo West Indies
 6) Mushfiqur Rahim Bangladesh
 6) Keshrik Williams West Indies
 6) Tamim Iqbal Bangladesh
 9) Chris Gayle West Indies
 10) Shikhar Dhawan India

The West Indies have the most players on this list.  Although this list is not taken from any international ranking.  The whole list is my favorite.  Be sure to comment on who you like in this list?

I really enjoy the celebration of cricketers on the cricket field.  If you love cricket, how do you celebrate your cricketers?  Celebration means fun.  So the visitors will be well and healthy till today.  And help us get to the next post.

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